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1967 Mid-century Modern Ranch - PHX, Arizona
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An unmaintained jungle transformed
into an orchard perfect for entertaining

Project Details

Home: 1967 Mid-Century Ranch

Location: PHX, Arizona

Project: Back Yard

Cost: $something

Before & After

Photo from previous listing
The exterior of the Arizona Room. Featuring vinyl siding and aluminium windows.
Photo from previous listing
The moldy and decaying shed was not worth the cost of repair. Through it's removal, the yard looked larger and it's concrete foundation could now be a patio.

Before & After

Photo from previous listing
14 over grown fruit trees made it impossible to enjoy the back yard.
Photo from previous listing
Over 40 clay pots were found scattered throughout the yard as well as various wall tiles, concrete, and other odd items.

During the Renovation

1. Demo

I removed old fencing - $0 except trash removal.
Along with a few friends, I knocked down an old, moldy storage shed - $0 except trash removal.

2. Construction

I installed a new fence - $1,400.
I added a small brick and paver patio outside the back door with materials I found in the yard - $0.

3. Staging

I trimmed and painted the trees as well as weeded - $0.

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